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 Naruto Manga 394 SPOILER

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PostSubject: Naruto Manga 394 SPOILER   Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:36 am

Zetsu : Itachi is defeated? a white snake is burnt up and died
Zetsu : Impossible! Itachi has not died?
Itachi stands up!
Looks like Sasuke is the winner. Even though it's hard to accept that.

Zetsu : Itachi must have something more than this level... his acts are different from in the past...
Before, I said there's something strange with Itachi.
His attacks were all unsuccessful, he coughed up blood a lot during the battle, Itachi must have been seriously injured before this battle.

Zetsu : Over use of Sharingan, is that the reason? I can't judge it. Seems that Itachi is gonna obtain Sasuke's eyes soon.

Scene changes to Naruto

Yamato : Even this formation is pointless
Kiba : The timing was precise, and it hit him for sure! but why did we miss?
Naruto : It hit him. My first rasengan should have hit him. But why did it slip away from his body?

Shino : Yes he got out of the way, but in fact, he did not, your own body and your attack did not hit his own body, that's it Naruto.
Kakashi : So that must be a special jutsu that only this guy can possess, we just started and it turns out to be troublesome now, Shino

Shino : I get it now
Lots of bugs are coming out from Shino's side.
Kakashi : this time Shino may carry out his secret jutsu
Tobi : Wuah! Are you from Aburame clan? It makes me sick!
Kiba : Shino, you become enthusiastic, huh
Shino : No shit! It's because we did not work together on previous mission.

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Naruto Manga 394 SPOILER
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